Barrogill Keith


Back to thinking about the Keiths ….

I discovered this week that there’s an exhibition of paintings by Barrogill Keith currently being held in Thurso. Barrogill (his unusual name comes from the nearby Barrogill Castle, which is now known as the Castle of Mey and is associated with the Queen Mother) was my great-uncle. His eldest sister was Christina, whose First World War memoir I published as War Classics, along with some of Barrogill’s own letters from the Western Front. His youngest sister Patricia was my grandmother, and was also an artist.

I’m very excited to be heading up to Thurso soon to see the exhibition, and to spend some time in their hometown once more.

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1 thought on “Barrogill Keith

  1. John Leith

    I will be in Thurso staying at Orlig Lodge in Sept 2017.
    My great aunt Elsie was a nanny for the Keith’s there in 1917 & married on Christmas Day 1917 Albert Victor Robb, who was killed in France in March 1918. She never remarried.
    I am tracing her & the Robb’s & will visit his grave in France next year on the 100th anniversary of his death.
    Best wishes
    John Leith


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