About me


I’m a writer and researcher of all things Scottish.

My debut novel What You Call Free was published by Ringwood Publishing in March 2021. Set in lowland Scotland in 1687, it’s the story of two real historical women and their struggle for freedom in an oppressive and divided society.

After many years spent researching and telling Scotland’s stories in exhibitions, books and digital media, I’m delighted now to be doing this in the way I love most – through fiction. My love of Scotland’s history began with a Scottish History degree at St Andrews University and has included working at the National Museum of Scotland and a career in heritage interpretation, as well as writing several non-fiction books.

But always, it’s the stories of the people which intrigue me the most. Writing fiction allows me to explore their lives in a different way.

You can find me on twitter and instagram as @florajowriter and on facebook as Flora Johnston Writer.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Diane Tibert

    Thanks for following my blog, Flora. I’m always interested in learning more about Scotland. My father’s mother family came from there in the 1780s. They are McDonalds.

    1. florajohnston Post author

      Thanks Diane. I’m fascinated by all the Scots who moved to Canada in the 18th and 19th centuries – one day I’d love to visit some of the communities in which they settled.

  2. Anne Couper Smith

    I am a distant cousin of Captain Daniel Gordon Cameron and was really interested in seeing information in your book . Thank you. His first cousin is,my 3x great grandfather who pioneered farms in South Gippsland Austraila and used to correspond with Daniels family .

    1. florajohnston Post author

      Hi Anne, thanks for getting in touch. I’m really interested to hear that Daniel Gordon Campbell is still remembered. What was the name of your ancestor who emigrated? I think Gordon (he was known by his middle name) had a brother who was also killed in WWI, I don’t know if there were any others. The scrapbook I have is full of tributes to him, and also some photos of his sporting achievements. I’d love to know any more information you have about the family. If you send me a message via the contact page I can email you privately. Flora


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